F kenőcs test

Julyy 19, 2020
f kenőcs test

An F-test is any statistical test in which the test statistic has an F-distribution under the null hypothesis.It is most often used when comparing statistical models that have been fitted to a data set, in order to identify the model that best fits the population from which the data were sampled. Exact "F-tests" mainly arise when the models have been fitted to the data using least squares.

# F-test res.ftest - var.test(len ~ supp, data = my_data) res.ftest F test to compare two variances data: len by supp F = 0.6386, num df = 29, denom df = 29, p-value = 0.2331 alternative hypothesis: true ratio of variances is not equal to 1 95 percent confidence interval: 0.3039488 1.3416857 sample estimates: ratio of variances 0.6385951

This example teaches you how to perform an F-Test in Excel. The F-Test is used to test the null hypothesis that the variances of two populations are equal. Below you can find the study hours of 6 female students and 5 male students. H 0: σ 1 2 = σ 2 2 H 1: σ 1 2 ≠ σ 2 2

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F kenőcs test

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